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Dear Yuletide Author,

Sorry it took so long - life ate me. This is the final version & I haven't added much at all to what I requested on the archive ^.^;

My fiction preferences run to 'interesting world building / situations / plots' and 'character exploration' in general, I will never be sad to receive gen (in fact I adore it), and I really hope you have fun with this!

In general, I keep my journals pretty locked down (...and empty), but if you'd like to dig around, my ao3 bookmarks are somewhat thorough, my tumblr is also called telarna, my fics (mostly ancient and HikaGo) are on as macey-muse and my (...massive) list of enjoyed fics there is at this community.


One thing I forgot to mention in the request - I do not want Agnieszka in a romantic relationship with the Dragon, or particularly want him on-screen, though if he's peripheral that's fine. I don't mind him as a person, but I do not like them as a 'ship at all.

Request text:

With Uprooted, I really love these two girls. Gen or Agnieszka/Kasia are both fine - it’s their friendship, love, and fierce mutual protection which draw me to them. I’d love stories after the end of the book, about the two of them settling into their skins, their new lives, the magic of their world. Does Kasia ever visit Agnieszka in the forest, does she ever go to Kasia in the castle with the prince and princess? Who do they end up becoming as adults - can they still understand each other, does it take work to regain that trust? Do they have more adventures?

Alternatively, I’d also love stories of their childhood, growing up together. Was Kasia ever tempted to run wild like her friend? How did they become so close?

If you want, I would also be okay with a story focused on one or the other of them, though I’d prefer for that to be gen & post-book.

If you do go the pairing route, I’m not looking for PWP - any rating is fine, but I’m more interested in the characters / story.

Madam Secretary:

Other than what's mentioned in the request, I would also be okay with smaller crises or just Elizabeth fic (with any characters, I like 'em all) in general, though if you could swing something like the main request text that would make my month :D

One other thing - please, no cheating on Elizabeth's part, her relationship w/ her husband is one of the things I love in the show. If you're setting it crossover / alternate world / he died somehow, then pair away, though I'm not particularly looking for it ^.^

Request text:

In this fandom, my favourite thing is Elizabeth McCord, Certified Badass. I would love a story about her (alone, with Henry, with Stevie, with her minions...) dealing amazingly with some ridiculous, terrifying crisis or other. Crossovers (or fusions) more than welcome - how would declassifying the Stargate program go down? First Contact with Vulcans? Buffy-style hellmouth in DC? (Any fandom you feel like, I don’t need to know it!)

Or if crossovers aren’t your thing, how about a vanilla apocalypse? Zombies, virus, comet, weather, aliens-did-it. Does she manage to save her people? Does she win - or does she lose, but scrape together just enough resources to give the human race (or at least her little group of it) a chance? Or is it ten-years-later and she’s running a post-apocalyptic kingdom, or is right-hand-woman to whoever did land the crown?

Basically, throw her a no-win scenario, and see what happens. :D

The Queen and The Soldier:

World building, character motivation, anything that explores The Queen and her kingdom / life.

Request text:

This song. Man.

“I have swallowed / A secret burning thread / It cuts me inside / And often I’ve bled.”

Who is the Queen? Where does she come from? What happened to her? Why is she so alone? She’s cold, and scared, but she can be touched - she is touched by The Soldier. Why is she this way - where did she see the Soldier before? Why is she hungry - is he even right about that? Is this fight for vengeance, or is it, like he believes, just meaningless lashing out?

“And while the Queen went on strangling / In the solitude she preferred / The battle / Continued on.”

Or rather than what came before - what happens next? Does she strangle forever? Did the soldier plant a seed in her heart that could grow into something good, or will someone come after him to finish the job? Is she redeemable - does she want to be redeemed? Will her world allow her to be?
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